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Montag, 17:45
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Yeah but why would you etch that in a PCB twitter.com/hpbusiness/sta… [Original]
Montag, 18:05
RT @httpoxy: #httpoxy: A CGI application vulnerability for PHP, Go, Python and others.

httpoxy.org [Original]
Montag, 18:56
Goodbye, Opera 😢 twitter.com/binitamshah/st… [Original]
Mittwoch, 09:09
RT @BadAstronomer: Cool: See all 5 naked eye planets at the same time this summer. universetoday.com/129861/see-fiv… [Original]
Donnerstag, 14:19
RT @xGogsx: I really don’t get the whole Pokemon thing but this is awesome. pic.twitter.com/LCBTnQaaOy
Donnerstag, 14:26
RT @novatrend_ch: Liip veröffentlicht Open Source Starterkit für Bundes-Websites blog.liip.ch/archive/2016/0… #drupal #opensource /@liip ^hg [Original]

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#einfach schmeckt auch! #grillen #grillieren



#alaphilippe #tonymartin #cycling #tdf2016 #besenwagen #voiturebalai


A video posted by Beat Bolli (@bbolli) on

#tdf2016 #alaphilippe #tonymartin #müntschemier #cycling #seeland #switzerland



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Montag, 15:41
RT @mitsuhiko: The axle count of trains in Switzerland must not be a multiple of 2^8 of the system does not detect a train. i.imgur.com/DrEinPB.png [Original]
Montag, 23:36
RT @axismaps: @swissbolli @mirabilos @jwz Some folks have attempted such code, but our process is mostly manual. GIS, Illustrator, and a whole lotta love. [Original]
Dienstag, 00:38
RT @mathemaniac: Which one of these two CDs is switched on? pic.twitter.com/PmJy1NjAKt [Original]
Dienstag, 08:15
@CembraMoneyBank danke für die Info. [Original; Antwort an @CembraMoneyBank]
Dienstag, 23:04
RT @timbray: Got a naked computer? Here’s the solution: unixstickers.com/stickers [Original]
Donnerstag, 19:36
How not to parse an RSS News Feed: linuxjournal.com/content/parsin… [Original]
Sonntag, 18:13
RT @NautilusMag: On this day in 1969, #Apollo11 had almost reached the #moon, and the @nytimes printed this impeccable retraction: pic.twitter.com/m3xMmJa2OU

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Der Sommer kann kommen! #chemineeholz #aarberg


All my #ducks, almost in a row 😃 (at Aarberg Aare)



Il maestro #abelaboriel #billmaxwell #openhands (at Effretikon)



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Montag, 13:41
RT @cvikman: The seven stages of waterfall. pic.twitter.com/iJauVc5aZe
Mittwoch, 19:07
@quickline DHCP-Probleme bei Ewanet? pic.twitter.com/sUqWzRBViO
[Original; Antwort an @quickline]
Mittwoch, 19:52
@quickline Geht wieder 👌 [Original; Antwort an @swissbolli]
Mittwoch, 21:29
@quickline Kein Netz, kein TV auf ewanet! pic.twitter.com/YVwcorRi5d
[Original; Antwort an @quickline]
Donnerstag, 22:19
@BigBadBaerni angemeldet! [Original; Antwort an @BigBadBaerni]
Donnerstag, 22:38
RT @agl__: Experimenting with post-quantum cryptography in Chrome: security.googleblog.com/2016/07/experi… [Original]
Freitag, 11:18
@CembraMoneyBank Ab wann wird Apple Pay unterstützt, wenn überhaupt? [Original; Antwort an @CembraMoneyBank]
Freitag, 15:11
.@mirabilos @jwz Maybe you’d have to ask @axismaps [Original; Antwort an @mirabilos]
Freitag, 15:16
.@mirabilos … like an Android tablet where most apps request rights they don’t really need? :-) [Original; Antwort an @mirabilos]
Sonntag, 14:38
RT @dani_graf: Widmers Woche #Büpf pic.twitter.com/jKxJabnAMn

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#openhands im #effimärt #abelaboriel #justoalmario #billmaxwell #timcarmon #fantastic! #awesome (at Effretikon)



@seeed.de am #starsofsounds #aarberg (at Stars of Sounds)


#loundleduc am #starsofsounds #aarberg



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Montag, 10:43
RT @jwz: Typographic Maps. This map accurately depicts the streets and highways, parks, neighborhoods, coastlines, and… jwz.org/b/yiaw [Original]
Montag, 18:14
RT @CompSciFact: Kerkhoffs’ Principle: The security of a cryptosystem should not depend on keeping the cryptographic algorithm secret. [Original]
Donnerstag, 10:34
Tony Hawk lands a 900 at age 48! - youtube.com/watch?v=TnvPt_… [Original]
Donnerstag, 20:46
@AstroPrint3D It works here; try reducing the thread_count in ThreadPool.__init__() to 10 [Original; Antwort an @AstroPrint3D]
Donnerstag, 20:52
RT @lukaseder: Let’s all take a quick moment and appreciate the fact that we’re not UI developers.

(If you are: tough luck for you) [Original]
Samstag, 23:15
RT @DrJohannesHartl: Ob der Terror etwas mit dem Islam zu tun hat? Hört doch auf, das Offensichtliche zu bestreiten. Sehr lesenswert: faz.net/aktuell/feuill… [Original]

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Montag, 08:33
RT @HollyGraceful: Hackers don’t break software, they simply demonstrate that it was already broken. [Original]
Montag, 13:27
RT @mirabilos: .@swissbolli „your iPhone is not going to kill you“ hmmmm… wär ich mir nicht so sicher… :D [Original]
Montag, 19:11
Time to replace my iPad mini 1? twitter.com/olemoritz/stat… [Original]
Montag, 19:14
RT @sigfpe: I’ve often had programmers ask me why mathematicians prove even trivial things. Then they go off and write bugs caused by trivial mistakes. [Original]
Montag, 19:19
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: “I Sea” app advertised as way for people to help stranded refugees is a fake designed to win an advertising award dailydot.com/politics/i-sea… [Original]
Mittwoch, 00:19
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Microsoft releases update to add TLS ciphers and change cipher order in IE/Edge/SChannel support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/31616… [Original]
Mittwoch, 00:31
RT @pickover: Share this with friends if you “get” this math joke. pic.twitter.com/zW1Q8b4lJx
Mittwoch, 19:08
@tumblr What’s up with 67.media.tumblr.com? I regularly get very slow (if at all) responses from this server??? [Original; Antwort an @tumblr]
Donnerstag, 11:49
RT @RichRogersIoT: Understanding uptime:

98.12%: you have a few problems
99.65%: you have no major problems
100.00%: your monitoring is broken.

@bitfield [Original]
Donnerstag, 23:50
RT @CompSciFact: “Test driven development is double entry bookkeeping.” — @unclebobmartin [Original]
Freitag, 14:30
RT @aenduweber: #Brexit Grüsse ostwärts von der Binneninsel #Schweiz: Sagen demnächst unsere Freunde nebenan auch “Let’s get AUT”? [Original]
Freitag, 14:32
@bollidotus “Diese Seite ist leider nicht verfügbar” [Original; Antwort an @bollidotus]
Freitag, 14:37
@bollidotus nöö, kann und habe mich extra angemeldet [Original; Antwort an @bollidotus]
Freitag, 14:40
@bollidotus aufm Handy gehts, liegt wohl doch am Bundesfilter… [Original; Antwort an @swissbolli]
Freitag, 15:33
Keep an eye on what your kids are posting! schneier.com/blog/archives/… @bruce.schneier [Original]
Samstag, 09:04
RT @rjallain: The food version of #Brexit pic.twitter.com/qdE7L4p9o0
Samstag, 09:06
RT @CommitStrip: The end of an expensive era
commitstrip.com/2016/06/13/the… pic.twitter.com/FxilUJZBxF
Samstag, 09:07
RT @letsencrypt: Comodo has submitted a Request for Express Abandonment for all Let’s Encrypt trademark registration applications. letsencrypt.org/2016/06/23/def… [Original]
Samstag, 09:08
RT @d_gerber: pic.twitter.com/nbKGE7c9ZE
Sonntag, 12:03
RT @acangiano: Behind every popular language lies a large standard library. [Original]
Sonntag, 12:05
RT @cperciva: I don’t bother taping over my laptop’s camera. If anyone wants video of me, I’ll gladly trade it for a working FreeBSD driver for my webcam. [Original]

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Dienstag, 00:55
RT @Reversity: Apple Pay coming to Switzerland. [Original]
Dienstag, 12:52
@SwissHttp “As a developer preview of this technology, there are currently several limitations:” Will be lifted eventually? [Original; Antwort an @SwissHttp]
Mittwoch, 01:15
RT @JonyIveParody: When it ships this fall, macOS Sierra will only be a free upgrade for a year. After that, it’s $120.

JK, how fucking dumb would THAT be?! [Original]
Mittwoch, 22:23
A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering: What is Differential Privacy? blog.cryptographyengineering.com/2016/06/what-i… [Original]
Donnerstag, 13:00
RT @marcan42: CAPTCHA: Working As Intended. gbatemp.net/threads/what-i… [Original]
Freitag, 08:34
RT @GrauSisu: pic.twitter.com/JhiJYeIeWH
Freitag, 08:43
RT @carlopisani: white dots are bus stations, yellow dots are train stations via @doctorcrowd

doctorcrowd.tumblr.com/post/145958187… pic.twitter.com/QsSAmW0FSr
Freitag, 09:21
I really appreciate that the #Git devs try to make my diffs look prettier: thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.ver… [Original]
Freitag, 23:26
Shoutout to @CrucialMemory for bundling @Acronis TrueImage OEM with their SSDs. Works perfectly for giving old PCs new life! 👍 [Original]
Samstag, 11:57
Hey #win10update, wie wärs wenn der Download wirklich mal starten würde? #fail #waiting pic.twitter.com/69BLiPmQrD
Samstag, 11:58
@joergmattiello ich dachte, du hast Ferien? 😁 [Original; Antwort an @joergmattiello]
Sonntag, 02:32
RT @canadianbryan: “Driver support removed because antenna towers were demolished by controlled explosives.” marc.info/?l=openbsd-cvs… [Original]

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Montag, 21:10
RT @ericniebler: It is the nature of bad code to become worse under maintenance. Avoid the temptation to add “just one hack”. Hacks multiply. #programming [Original]
Montag, 23:11
RT @J0hnnyXm4s: TAKE THAT, MOM pic.twitter.com/GS3HSXhboc
Dienstag, 22:44
RT @swiss_geoportal: NEU: Landeskarte 1:10‘000 - mehr als nur Hintergrunddatesatz : buff.ly/1rb2FIn mehr buff.ly/22Lpq3C pic.twitter.com/Aq40hBR3vm
Dienstag, 22:57
RT @TheCoffeeSnolf: pic.twitter.com/0PG8MuElOU
Mittwoch, 10:55
RT @stepchowfun: i’m pretty active on github pic.twitter.com/Ehm0u9uRcS
Mittwoch, 10:58
RT @SwissHttp: I thought the trend goes the other direction, but German Email Provider @GMX redirects its mobile SSL login page to the unencrypted version. [Original]
Mittwoch, 22:25
Yep. twitter.com/climagic/statu… [Original]
Mittwoch, 23:24
Was bedeutet das für die Registrationspflicht in der Schweiz? twitter.com/patrickbreyer/… [Original]
Sonntag, 01:30
RT @SwissHttp: How can a static social security number (SSN) be an authentication factor? The US people have some crazy imaginations. [Original]

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Well earned! #biking #bikinglife #costadorada


After the descent through a burned forest #biking #bikinglife #costadorada


As I said: a rocky affair #biking #bikinglife #costadorada


Nice #flowers along the trail #biking #bikinglife #costadorada