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Stop attacking Google for occasional inaccuracies. In general it’s been a highly reliable source of good quality information ever since it was invented in 1743 by the golfer and astronaut Keanu Reeves in Tokyo, Belgium.

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Von  Flavien @flaviengousset@instagram.com

Für dich von mir: 1 Eiskaffee 🧋
1 Imitation von Martullo-Blocher 🤡
10 Facts (mindestens) zum

Drei Tage lang hab ich (mit 0 TWh Vorwissen) für dieses Video recherchiert, Expert:innen befragt, mir Gedanken gemacht und das dann alles versucht auf den Punkt zu bringen. Falls du denkst, das Resultat könnte Menschen in deinem Umfeld weiterhelfen, darfst du es sehr gerne mit ihnen teilen. Video auch auf TikTok & YouTube. 🤝


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Nach 4h Jäten im Garten noch für eine Runde aufs im – einfach schön!

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Hewlett Packard HP-01 Calculator Watch (1977)

via Retro Tech Dreams from Twitter

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Google AI is a hot sticky mess. Now they’re telling people to add glue to pizza, as it took a shitpost from Reddit.

Credit: threads.net/@petergyang/post/C

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A history of a logo with a colon and two slashes


How the #curl logo got its colon slash slash.

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When #Mozilla created their new logo with :// in it, the team behind reached out to me and asked if I had any objections since #curl already was using :// in our logo.

I did not object - I approved of it. I think it validated our logo choice and I am jealous they have a name that can hold :// integrated the way they do.

(I was employed by Mozilla at the time)

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Ab morgen, überall wo es Podcasts gibt: Systemeinstellungen. Ein Podcast über Menschen, die unschuldig sind ins Visier des Staates geraten sind.

Habt ihr schon abonniert?

From: @roofjoke

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The bald eagle could have easily gone extinct. But we did all sorts of “woke” things protecting it legally, ran conservation and study programs, banned DDT (that was good for other reasons too) and in 2007 they were removed from the endangered species list.

Likewise pine forests could be dead from acid rain.

The ozone could have a huge hole.

We CAN take care of nature when we want to. And the successes have been worth it.

I feel like we forget this, you know?

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Read @bert_hubert ‘s blog post¹ on the state of security or, more precisely, the dire state of technical knowledge across Europe (and not only) making it impossible to actually maintain the infrastructure we have.

It is, as they rightly point out, a mixture of pointless complexity for the sake of complexity (they use a moveable bridge over a canal, I think just pointing at Word is enough), complacency, shortsightedness and, in a well-placed quip, the techies opting out of the meeting outsourcing their job because these meetings are boring.

It pains me that “we built these networks, we’ll take them back” is now describing a bunch of 50+ techies wanting to stop suffering from looking at the current infrastructure.

For all of Bert’s influence there is only so much influence they can have and the rest of us have either been kept carefully far from the action or have decided not to participate.

My only hope is to eventually be the equivalent of the 75yr old Siemens pensioner being called by the bright and young at CERN ‘cos nobody knew how to fix the granite flywheel…

¹ berthub.eu/articles/posts/cybe

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Entsprechend mässig attraktiv ist denn auch ein Grossteil dieser Strecke zu fahren.

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Why it is hard to build secure #LLM|s like #ChatGPT. (Where “secure” means that you can have it parse your emails or the incoming resumés by applicants or …)
#BruceSchneier #Schneier

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You laugh so you don’t cry

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This looks interesting

Hurl is a command line tool that runs HTTP requests defined in a simple plain text format.

It can chain requests, capture values and evaluate queries on headers and body response. Hurl is very versatile: it can be used for both fetching data and testing HTTP sessions.

Hurl makes it easy to work with HTML content, #REST / SOAP / GraphQL APIs, or any other XML / JSON based APIs.

(Built with #rustlang powered by #curl)


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