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Mittwoch, 21:17
RT @joergmattiello: The One and Only motherfuckingwebsite.com [Original]
Mittwoch, 21:32
OpenSSL’s master branch already obsoleted 3DES: twitter.com/matthew_d_gree… [Original]
Mittwoch, 21:35
RT @HughRundle: I can’t recommend this highly enough. pic.twitter.com/C0fAUiZ6eX
Donnerstag, 18:01
RT @mattblaze: The tipping point for e-voting fraud, I think, will be when they realize it’s cheaper to hire hackers than to buy campaign ads. [Original]
Donnerstag, 18:31
RT @aenduweber: Let’s never forget Swiss democrats:
Unus Pro Omnibus
Omnes Pro Uno pic.twitter.com/W7yF9i0l4n
Freitag, 09:59
RT @myusuf3: Guess THAT song! pic.twitter.com/wupVsgtGoG
Freitag, 10:15
RT @SwissHttp: iOS 9.3.5 is out, patching three zero days used in the wild. Here’s Apple’s security bulletin:
support.apple.com/en-us/HT207107 [Original]
Freitag, 11:46
#happybirthday, Linux! #25 [Original]
Freitag, 16:31
RT @FreedomeVPN: IMPORTANT: After updating Whatsapp, go to settings and do this to prevent Whatsapp sharing your info with Facebook pic.twitter.com/nH4QfgQiOn
Freitag, 22:55
RT @bbotezatu: Happy 25th birthday, #Linux! Here’s your f-ing #cake, go ahead and compile it yourself. pic.twitter.com/OCQUDPhlXY
Sonntag, 00:33
RT @JohnLaTwC: True #DFIR Tales pic.twitter.com/8uaUijxKtv

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#punktlandung #cycling #cyclinglife #bikefromwork



Firmenbesuch im Bundeshaus #iscejpd #technologyday (at Bundeshaus | Palais Fédéral)


Abstimmungsanlage im #Ständeratssaal (at Bundeshaus | Palais Fédéral)



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Dienstag, 17:13
@marco_org @siracusa Does reencoding with CBR after transmission use too much battery? [Original; Antwort an @marco_org]
Mittwoch, 12:42
RT @NaderAlsarras: In a #Berlin metro:”This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the #Arabic #language.” pic.twitter.com/ZOZDmekydu
Mittwoch, 13:03
RT @csoghoian: Apple: If we’re forced to build a tool to hack iPhones, someone will steal it.
FBI: Nonsense.
Russia: We just published NSA’s hacking tools [Original]
Donnerstag, 11:22
RT @aenduweber: Installed Bluetooth connectivity to my headphones in less than 2’ on my #Debian with #LXDE. DAMN, did I miss the desktop breakthrough? ;-) [Original]
Freitag, 00:20
RT @netzpolitik: CCC-Stellungnahme: Staatstrojaner sind Hochrisiko-Schadsoftware. netzpolitik.org/2016/ccc-stell… pic.twitter.com/cPWU9voejx

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Auf dem Challe #veloland #switzerland #route7



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Mittwoch, 10:54
This just shows what’s important and what isn’t: twitter.com/benjancewicz/s… [Original]
Donnerstag, 08:13
RT @mikko: On this date 20 years ago: The first known MP3 rip of a song (‘Until it sleeps’ by Metallica) is released. pic.twitter.com/dsnmEDnp3Q
Samstag, 11:54
RT @emily_k_grimes: 😁 #dataviz #jokes pic.twitter.com/W3WmTTolyx
Sonntag, 23:35
RT @ThePracticalDev: ಠ_ಠ pic.twitter.com/7qAE42inmD

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Montag, 16:24
Happy 725th birthday, Switzerland! 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭 pic.twitter.com/ONwVfAHWoy
Mittwoch, 22:48
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: One of the world’s leading cryptography experts endorses a paper-backed voting system. twitter.com/matthew_d_gree… [Original]
Mittwoch, 22:48
RT @ncweaver: I don’t know of ANY cryptography or security expert who doesn’t endorse a paper-backed voting system
twitter.com/SwiftOnSecurit… [Original]
Mittwoch, 22:58
RT @sosicles: Zum Thema #Kryptologie gelingt @blickch ein spannendes und tiefgründiges Interview mit ETH-Prof. Ueli Maurer blick.ch/life/wissen/ue… [Original]
Mittwoch, 23:03
RT @joergmattiello: “You generally don’t ‘own’ any software. Unless you wrote it. Then you might.” by @bwoodruff forums.macrumors.com/threads/1passw… [Original]
Donnerstag, 22:36
⚡️ “A weapons expert weighs in on Trump’s reported nuke curiosity ”

twitter.com/i/moments/7610… [Original]
Donnerstag, 23:00
Nachahmenswert! blog.fefe.de/?ts=a95d9ab2 [Original]
Samstag, 09:15
We can’t have a second NippleGate, now can we? twitter.com/gerardtbaker/s… [Original]
Samstag, 09:15
RT @DanKaszeta: Reality TV idea: We build a fake White House and put Trump in it and tell him he’s president. Film the whole thing. [Original]
Samstag, 19:16
RT @MIT_CSAIL: How to accidentally break a Skype bot. bit.ly/2aymhkU (h/t @Reddit) pic.twitter.com/M5QIynNKr1
Sonntag, 15:14
Die Links-Rechts-Demagogie. Ein Interview mit Rainer Mausfeld. — Medienkritik vom Feinsten! nachdenkseiten.de/?p=34504 [Original]
Sonntag, 17:03
Frequent Password Changes Is a Bad Security Idea - Schneier on Security schneier.com/blog/archives/… [Original]
Sonntag, 22:47
RT @ritholtz: People are replacing Calvin with Donald Trump in Calvin And Hobbes strips AND ITS AWESOME
uproxx.it/28YgYZI pic.twitter.com/5tgtLCVpgL
Sonntag, 23:38
RT @stevesi: 25 yrs ago, Aug 6, 1991 @timberners_lee posted to alt.hypertext (gik “usenet newsgroups”). World never looked back. pic.twitter.com/v38m9jiZ00

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Montag, 11:54
Vintage Computer Festival Zürich: vcfe.ch [Original]
Montag, 12:11
RT @jongold: Functional Programming literally has ‘fun’ in the title; OOP is one letter away from 💩. I rest my case. [Original]
Montag, 12:46
RT @danieljpeter: RT if you’ve ever typed AT commands like ATDT to control a modem pic.twitter.com/NtD9UzJ2JE
Mittwoch, 14:41
RT @TheRealBuzz: 47 years ago I submitted my travel voucher reimbursement for my trip to the moon. #Apollo11 pic.twitter.com/DHAXEYVTHi

Mittwoch, 23:52
RT @BadAstronomer: .@ChrisPirillo Everything Trump does, I think: What would GOP had said if Obama had done that in 2008? [Original]
Donnerstag, 17:51
RT @MilAirComms: Here’s the true different between mainframe computing & #cloudcomputing #hackers #geeks pic.twitter.com/u4n6wWCE1C
Freitag, 20:57
RT @FabianEberhard: Journalists in Turkey. Arrested. @bulentmumay @Notredamedesion @yakuppcetin @kilicabd pic.twitter.com/hR3sPvGCk4

Samstag, 14:47
Cleverly made! twitter.com/ariannahuff/st… [Original]
Samstag, 19:04
RT @TGC: More Iranians have become Christians in the last 20 years than in the previous 13 centuries put together. thegspl.co/2ayrrgE [Original]

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Montag, 17:45
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Yeah but why would you etch that in a PCB twitter.com/hpbusiness/sta… [Original]
Montag, 18:05
RT @httpoxy: #httpoxy: A CGI application vulnerability for PHP, Go, Python and others.

httpoxy.org [Original]
Montag, 18:56
Goodbye, Opera 😢 twitter.com/binitamshah/st… [Original]
Mittwoch, 09:09
RT @BadAstronomer: Cool: See all 5 naked eye planets at the same time this summer. universetoday.com/129861/see-fiv… [Original]
Donnerstag, 14:19
RT @xGogsx: I really don’t get the whole Pokemon thing but this is awesome. pic.twitter.com/LCBTnQaaOy
Donnerstag, 14:26
RT @novatrend_ch: Liip veröffentlicht Open Source Starterkit für Bundes-Websites blog.liip.ch/archive/2016/0… #drupal #opensource /@liip ^hg [Original]

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#einfach schmeckt auch! #grillen #grillieren



#alaphilippe #tonymartin #cycling #tdf2016 #besenwagen #voiturebalai


A video posted by Beat Bolli (@bbolli) on

#tdf2016 #alaphilippe #tonymartin #müntschemier #cycling #seeland #switzerland



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Montag, 15:41
RT @mitsuhiko: The axle count of trains in Switzerland must not be a multiple of 2^8 of the system does not detect a train. i.imgur.com/DrEinPB.png [Original]
Montag, 23:36
RT @axismaps: @swissbolli @mirabilos @jwz Some folks have attempted such code, but our process is mostly manual. GIS, Illustrator, and a whole lotta love. [Original]
Dienstag, 00:38
RT @mathemaniac: Which one of these two CDs is switched on? pic.twitter.com/PmJy1NjAKt [Original]
Dienstag, 08:15
@CembraMoneyBank danke für die Info. [Original; Antwort an @CembraMoneyBank]
Dienstag, 23:04
RT @timbray: Got a naked computer? Here’s the solution: unixstickers.com/stickers [Original]
Donnerstag, 19:36
How not to parse an RSS News Feed: linuxjournal.com/content/parsin… [Original]
Sonntag, 18:13
RT @NautilusMag: On this day in 1969, #Apollo11 had almost reached the #moon, and the @nytimes printed this impeccable retraction: pic.twitter.com/m3xMmJa2OU

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Der Sommer kann kommen! #chemineeholz #aarberg


All my #ducks, almost in a row 😃 (at Aarberg Aare)



Il maestro #abelaboriel #billmaxwell #openhands (at Effretikon)



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Montag, 13:41
RT @cvikman: The seven stages of waterfall. pic.twitter.com/iJauVc5aZe
Mittwoch, 19:07
@quickline DHCP-Probleme bei Ewanet? pic.twitter.com/sUqWzRBViO
[Original; Antwort an @quickline]
Mittwoch, 19:52
@quickline Geht wieder 👌 [Original; Antwort an @swissbolli]
Mittwoch, 21:29
@quickline Kein Netz, kein TV auf ewanet! pic.twitter.com/YVwcorRi5d
[Original; Antwort an @quickline]
Donnerstag, 22:19
@BigBadBaerni angemeldet! [Original; Antwort an @BigBadBaerni]
Donnerstag, 22:38
RT @agl__: Experimenting with post-quantum cryptography in Chrome: security.googleblog.com/2016/07/experi… [Original]
Freitag, 11:18
@CembraMoneyBank Ab wann wird Apple Pay unterstützt, wenn überhaupt? [Original; Antwort an @CembraMoneyBank]
Freitag, 15:11
.@mirabilos @jwz Maybe you’d have to ask @axismaps [Original; Antwort an @mirabilos]
Freitag, 15:16
.@mirabilos … like an Android tablet where most apps request rights they don’t really need? :-) [Original; Antwort an @mirabilos]
Sonntag, 14:38
RT @dani_graf: Widmers Woche #Büpf pic.twitter.com/jKxJabnAMn

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#openhands im #effimärt #abelaboriel #justoalmario #billmaxwell #timcarmon #fantastic! #awesome (at Effretikon)



@seeed.de am #starsofsounds #aarberg (at Stars of Sounds)