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Energiewende: Immer mehr Rock-Musiker steigen von Benzin- auf E-Gitarre um der-postillon.com/2024/04/e-gi der-postillon.com/2024/04/e-gi

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Antwort auf @d3llacort3

@d3llacort3 Oh, die habe ich vor ein paar Jahren (22?) als Opener für im Z7-Openair in Pratteln gesehen. Coole Sache!

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Heute habe ich erfahren, dass Blue Note Records von einem Löwen und einem Wolff gegründet wurde 😆

TIL that Blue Note Records was founded by a Lion and a Wolff 😆

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Sous vos yeux ébahis, une machine plieuse lanceuse d’avions en papier fabriquée en lego.
Le Fediverse ne pouvait pas ignorer son existence

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Fefe ist so richtig in Fahrt heute! blog.fefe.de/?mon=202404

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Antwort auf @outofcontrol

@outofcontrol brew warns about this when installing anything that macOS already provides. There’s a “brew link <formula>” command to override this, though.

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In retrospect, we should have figured out that Jia Tan was a plant from the fact that they showed up to do releases. In 20+ years of contributions to FLOSS projects I haven’t found anybody willing to do the same.

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Zur Abwechslung einmal konstruktiver Techjournalismus von mir 😇 😎

Warum die #eID 2.0 der 🇨🇭 ein vorbildliches Digitalprojekt des Bundes geworden ist.

Ich habe 4 Erfolgsfaktoren identifiziert:

1. Einbindung der Zivilgesellschaft
2. Transparenz und Fehlerkultur
3. EU-Kompatibilität
4. Datensparsames Technologiedesign

Und wie sieht es aus bei #KI-Regulierung, #Plattformregulierung und beim #EPD?
Eine gemischte Bilanz.

Hier meine Analyse ⬇️


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Haha! No, , this is not how you enable TLS session tickets!

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To whoever needs to hear this:

Your blog is better without an image than with an AI-generated one. I came here to read your words — let them stand for themselves!

If you *must* use an image, and some soulless AI mockery would suffice, do this instead:

Step outside, and take a photo of wherever you are.

Include a lot of sky, if you can.

This implicit “here’s where I am” is a better reflection of your work than whatever midjourney or stable diffusion would splort out.

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Lasse Collin in commit message: “The other maintainer suddenly disappeared.” 😆

#jiatan #xz

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So, who’s still observing Naked Day? On April 9th, disable all CSS on your page!

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Found the DMP disable chicken bit. it’s HID11_EL1<30> (at least on M2).

So yeah, as I predicted, GoFetch is entirely patchable. I’ll write up a patch for Linux to hook it up as a CPU security bug workaround.

(HID4_EL1<4> also works, but we have a name for that and it looks like a big hammer: HID4_FORCE_CPU_OLDEST_IN_ORDER)

Code here: github.com/AsahiLinux/m1n1/blo (Thanks to @dkohlbre for the userspace C version this is based off of!)

One interesting finding is that the DMP is already disabled in EL2 (and presumably EL1), it only works in EL0. So it looks like the CPU designers already had some idea that it is a security liability, and chose to hard-disable it in kernel mode. This means kernel-mode crypto on Linux is already intrinsically safe.

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GOES East giving some perspective.

#Eclipse #SolarEclipse

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The clouds danced around the #eclipse at my house in north Texas. This shot shows solar flares with some cloud filter effect.

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