22:17 Doing 20 coroutine switches while waiting for one memory prefetch? ✅ @GorNishanov youtube.com/watch?v=j9tlJA… #cpp #cppcon [Original]

22:53 RT @xargsnotbombs: I made a thing: The Illustrated TLS Connection — Every Byte Explained tls.ulfheim.net [Original]

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15:41 RT @CommitStrip: Troll d’IA
commitstrip.com/2018/09/24/tro… pic.twitter.com/WrRO8zJ5cH

23:39 Ha, “ballistic descent mode”. Reminds me of “rapid unscheduled disassembly” :-) twitter.com/NASA/status/10… [Original]

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00:56 RT @nixcraft: ***** - Five star cron job. Will run again.

#linux #unix #sysadmin [Original]

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12:37 RT @joergmattiello: @Apple, if you read this, we want FIDO2 on iOS! Please open up NFC by allowing writes, so that apps and security ke… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… [Original]

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07:55 @bollidotus @SaltMobile_DE Because we can! [Original; Antwort an @bollidotus]

07:59 @mattblaze @dwfogel @SwiftOnSecurity @ncweaver The pictured chips are certainly smaller than „a grain of rice“. [Original; Antwort an @mattblaze]

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08:41 @climagic Bash only! Posix shells like /bin/sh normally don‘t support this so don‘t use it in scripts. [Original; Antwort an @climagic]

19:12 @climagic Goodbye startup time! 😨 [Original; Antwort an @climagic]

19:34 „Disregard decades of user interface progress.“ twitter.com/timbray/status… [Original]

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18:25 RT @Spacekatgal: Please RT if you are a man who has never been in a bar fight. twitter.com/johncardillo/s… [Original]

18:27 @martinsteiger @jgordonshare Ein Tagesrücklicht vergrössert den Abstand in meiner Erfahrung um etwa 40cm #biketowork [Original; Antwort an @martinsteiger]

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13:22 Fotogeschichte @d_gerber twitter.com/timbray/status… [Original]

17:52 RT @iamdevloper: Vim: No Escape pic.twitter.com/yUdykuGLMq

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15:05 RT @mikko: How much is your data worth? So much that Google just paid Apple $9 billion to be the default search engine in the… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… [Original]

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11:06 RT @euanc: Re-Open-Sourcing MS-DOS 1.25 and 2.0 blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/commandline/20… [Original]

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23:17 @SimonPaulL @Radio_Azureus @UnixToolTip @NoWanSma “cd -” is just a shortcut for “cd $OLDPWD”. OLDPWD is kept updated by cd. [Original; Antwort an @SimonPaulL]

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09:17 RT @mpetrinidev: Pair programming pic.twitter.com/uylp9NcDvd [Original]

14:44 RT @martinsteiger: «[…] wird der Schweizer Steuerzahler die straffälligen Banker mit gut einer Milliarde Franken subventionieren.»… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… [Original]

22:31 RT @DakiDax: *VERLOSUNG*
Gewinn: Apple iPhone Xs, 64GB, Space Grau
Was tun? Retweet und Follow
Wer? DE, CH, AT
Bis wann? 27. September, 22:00 Uhr [Original]

22:38 RT @MrAlanCooper: As a programmer, an inventor and an author, I have used and benefited from intellectual property protection all of… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… [Original]

22:59 RT @RichRogersIoT: What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months. - Fred Brooks pic.twitter.com/OpuGofkiUK

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00:32 Now updated for 5.2.1. #fmtlib twitter.com/swissbolli/sta… [Original]

09:47 .@dominiczypen twitter.com/hlforum/status… [Original]

09:49 #enigmail forever! twitter.com/martinsteiger/… [Original]

10:46 RT @RuediWidmer: Muss YB jetzt auch nach Zürich zügeln? (Tages-Anzeiger, 22.8.18) #SRG #YoungBoys #Zürich #radiostudiobern… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… [Original]

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23:17 @joergmattiello old hat? [Original; Antwort an @joergmattiello]

23:28 #fmtlib 5.2 will soon be in MinGW: github.com/Alexpux/MINGW-… #CPP [Original]

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Sacred is the prayer that asks for nothing /
While seeking to give thanks for every breath we take

Prince - The Love We Make



00:02 RT @todayininfosec: 2002: Sun Microsystems CSO Whitfield Diffie announced that Sun was donating its elliptical curve cryptography techn… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… [Original]

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