11:11 RT @attritionorg: CERT brings the harsh truth. #Meltdown #Spectre pic.twitter.com/UFPiYA39hd

11:25 RT @epaga: 50th Known Mersenne Prime Discovered! Over 23 million digits. Awesome & beautiful. mersenne.org/primes/press/M… [Original]

11:35 RT @StephanTLavavej: It turned out that all of 2017 was speculatively executed based on an incorrect branch prediction for 2016. However… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… [Original]

16:06 RT @renatomitra: Apple Pay für alle. apfelblog.ch/apple-pay-fuer… pic.twitter.com/gaaDRuLI8Y

16:09 @aenduweber Stimmt immer noch, aber man muss sich ja auch im Winter bewegen. [Original; Antwort an @aenduweber]

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