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Read @bert_hubert ‘s blog post¹ on the state of security or, more precisely, the dire state of technical knowledge across Europe (and not only) making it impossible to actually maintain the infrastructure we have.

It is, as they rightly point out, a mixture of pointless complexity for the sake of complexity (they use a moveable bridge over a canal, I think just pointing at Word is enough), complacency, shortsightedness and, in a well-placed quip, the techies opting out of the meeting outsourcing their job because these meetings are boring.

It pains me that “we built these networks, we’ll take them back” is now describing a bunch of 50+ techies wanting to stop suffering from looking at the current infrastructure.

For all of Bert’s influence there is only so much influence they can have and the rest of us have either been kept carefully far from the action or have decided not to participate.

My only hope is to eventually be the equivalent of the 75yr old Siemens pensioner being called by the bright and young at CERN ‘cos nobody knew how to fix the granite flywheel…

¹ berthub.eu/articles/posts/cybe

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