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The AI industry is a grift so big that it’s really hard to explain it to people not familiar with the tech industry.

Yes, Google is perfectly aware their AI-powered search is way worse than their “classic” mode.

Yes, Apple knows their integration with chatGPT is flaky and ads nothing useful to their products. And




Because the goal is not making their products better, the goal is to ride the hype wave so the investors are happy and their stock price keeps growing.

That’s almost entirely what’s powering the AI industry.

It’s a multibillon dollar grift. One so big and so obvious that most people think they have to be missing something, that they don’t understand something that makes everything to make it makes sense as a business.

No. That’s everything. It’s pure snake oil selling.

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Hi Fediverse, we are NLnet. We support people and organizations who contribute to a free and open internet. We offer small and medium grants to projects that help fix the internet through open hardware, open software, open standards, open science and open data.
We’re the lead of @NGIZero a coalition which runs several funding programmes for people who build free and open source technologies for the Next Generation Internet. (Made possible with financial support from the European Commission).
We’ve been stealthily present in the Fediverse behind the NGIZero handle but have now finally set up our NLnet instance. With special thanks to @nlnetlabs for their patience :).
Another way we’ve been involved is we’ve funded many fantastic ActivityPub related projects. See the image for a visual overview.

Happy to be here and looking forward to meet you in this pleasant space.


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pilotmoon.com/scrollreverser/ independent scroll directions for touchpad and mouse! (via daringfireball.net/linked/2024)

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Dear Microsoft,
You “forgot” the third option of “Don’t remind me again”.

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