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@jcgregorio killedbygoogle.com/ unfortunately has no icons

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Die Chatkontrolle muss gestoppt werden!*

Mit dem als «Chatkontrolle» bekannten Gesetzesvorschlag der EU-Kommission soll in der Europäischen Union ein Massenüberwachungsapparat von orwellschem Ausmass eingerichtet werden. Handeln EU-Bürger nicht jetzt, könnte die Chatkontrolle Realität werden und Online-Privatsphäre bald der Vergangenheit angehören.

Massenüberwachung ist aus verschiedenen Gründen eine ausgesprochen schlechte Idee. Blogbeitrag:


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“A Short IPv6 Guide for Home IPv4 Admins” - taught me a bunch of useful things I didn’t know that I didn’t know about IPv6 in practice. Good stuff! gist.github.com/timothyham/dd0


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All our roses are having a wonderful year!

#photography #bloomscrolling

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I haven’t seen anybody mentioning it or even noticing it, like it’s just the water we swim in now, but this month marks the fiftieth anniversary of the release of what would become a seminal, and is arguably the single most important, piece of social software ever created.

Written by Douglas McIlroy and James Hunt and released with the 5th Edition of Unix this month in 1974: diff.


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Do you know what excites me? A post-social media Internet where we return to blogs, personal websites, and protocols like ActivityPub instead of centralizing on a half dozen websites that drip-feed us existential dread and rage-bait to keep us attentive to adveritsements.

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Why didn’t I find this gem of git command earlier:

git log -L :nvme_unmap_data:drivers/nvme/host/pci.c

will show the change history for given function.

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@bergmeister @rcr There might have been fewer trees when it got its name 😀

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5:30AM. Glacier National Park. Saw that formation of geese coming. Saw the moon. I thought they might line up if I was in the right spot. So I ran, that’s right, ran, a hundred yards, carrying that damn 30lb camera rig, damaged shoulder, hip, and knee jolting with every step, and got into position … and got this one shot.

But I got this one shot.

Later that day I biked 36 miles. Screw you, old age.

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Every web site I go to these days:

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So Apple has introduced a new system called “Private Cloud Compute” that allows your phone to offload complex (typically AI) tasks to specialized secure devices in the cloud. I’m still trying to work out what I think about this. So here’s a thread. 1/

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Sie haben ein schlechtes Gewissen, wenn Sie zu Aromat greifen? Keine Sorge, die Schweizer Streuwürze ist besser als ihr Image.

📣 Republik-Abo zum Einstiegspreis
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ℹ️ Mehr Infos nach Klick auf Link


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Here are some of the technical details of the Private Cloud Compute platform and WOW that is some cutting edge computer science security.apple.com/blog/privat

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@paulfoerster happy hacking!

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YESSSSS! Finally! is ! 🎄🎅

My finally arrived after waiting for 2 years, 2 months and 2 weeks. The MEGA 65 is a successor and enhancement to the venerable . It is up to 40 times faster and C65 compatible. Everything is available on .


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Also, shout-out to @letsencrypt for dramatically changing the security landscape of the Web for the better over the years.

Rarely is there an example of a project so effective and so directly improving everyone’s lives, while at the same time keeping the original engineering mindset and just Doing Stuff Right™ humbly in the background.

Next November it will have been exactly a decade since LE started. We all owe them a huge 10th birthday party.


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