Here's the list of Free Python software that I wrote:

Utilities dealing with Tumblr blogs.
WSGI dispatcher
My minimal WSGI dispatcher. Since mod_python is no longer maintained, I looked into this alternative to connect Apache to Python (source). Charts
Gets the weekly chart and generates an Atom feed from the few top played artists (source).
Gets links with a specific tag from and mails them to an address.
Fetches RSS feeds and submits contained Torrent enclosures to Transmission with its RPC interface. Filtering is done with regular expressions.
My first Google App (source code). It displays the 95 theses of the Cluetrain manifesto. I tried to make a kind of minimalistic design; the idea being that the theses speak so strongly themselves, I don't have to add much else ;-)
My Python reimplementation of blagg, Rael Dornfest's RSS aggregator. Depends heavily on Mark Pilgrim's Ultra-liberal Feed Parser.
mailgate, mailconf and maild
A suite that gets mail from a POP3 account and delivers it to a local SMTP server. These scripts have been in use for years at the company where I formerly worked.
A program and framework that updates your dynamic IP address (if you have a dial-up connection to the Internet) at a few dynamic DNS providers. Works with,,, and GnuDIP. Additionally, it can be used to set your computer's uptime at the Uptimes Project.
A simple Jabber client using pyxmpp. It echos sent messages and allows to plug in arbitrary functions. The provided example watches the end of a log file and sends any appended lines.
A simple SMTP proxy.
The fragmentary beginnings of a syslog server.
A time protocol server (RFC 868). This was my first try at writing socket stuff in Python.
A mod_python CGI script to “watch” TV. Dysfunctional since the TV card is no longer in the server.
Web utilities for mod_python scripts.
A utility to insert GPS EXIF tags info JPEG images (requires exiv2).
A utility that generates a GPX file from a bunch of geo-tagged images (requires exiv2).
A Rhythmbox plugin that posts the currently playing song into my sidebar.

Here is the Textile documentation.